Requesting an equivalency certificate or certificate of conformity for your healthcare profession

Anyone who wishes to exercise a healthcare profession in a European country with a Belgian diploma, requires an equivalency certificate or a certificate of conformity. With this you demonstrate that your training meets the European guidelines for that profession. Request this from the Agency for Care and Health. This applies to the following professions:

  • Doctors: general practitioners and specialist physicians
  • General dentists and specialist dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses, including the professional titles and competencies (specialisations) that they can acquire
  • Nursing auxiliaries
  • Paramedical professions: audiologists and hearing-aid specialists, dieticians, occupational therapists, technical pharmaceutical assistant, speech-language pathologists, technologist in medical laboratory techniques, dental hygienist, orthoptists-optometrists, podiatrists, medical imaging technologist, patient transport service (PTS) drivers (no emergency transport)
  • Midwives

How to apply?

Complete this form and send it to the email address stated on the form.

Attach to the form:

  • A copy (front and reverse) of the identity card or passport
  • A copy of your diplomas, references, ministerial decision or other evidence of your professional training.
  • Only for midwives: a copy of the certificates of successful completion of all years of study of the training to midwife and possibly a copy of the diploma or the certificate of successful completion of the studies for obtaining the diploma of graduate nurse or of Bachelor in nursing.

Requesting a certificate of good professional behaviour (CCPS certificate)

Do you need a certificate of good professional behaviour (also known as a certificate of ´good standing´ or CCPS certificate)? You can request this from:

Requesting a certificate of acquired rights

Do you need a certificate attesting that you have practiced your profession for at least 3 consecutive years during the last 5 years? You can request this form for all the regulated healthcare professions from the Federal Public Service Health